June 8, 2019
Considerations when hiring an architect
designing your house

How to Define Your Architect’s Role

Building a new home or undertaking a major renovation requires finding an architect who can bring your vision to life with respect to your lifestyle, time frame and budget. 

The key to a healthy working relationship with your architect is having realistic expectations. Their portfolio should include examples that reflect your style. And once you’ve found architects who meet your design requirements, the vetting begins. Asking these five questions will help you to hire the right architect for the job.

1. What is your strategy for staying on schedule and within budget? 
Prolonging construction, for any reason, is expensive. Securing an architect known for providing realistic deadlines and sticking to a schedule is a must. Review client testimonials to glimpse the reliability of various firms and individual architects.

2. Will you be managing the contractors and how involved will you be during construction?
Ask precise questions regarding the project management scope your architect will maintain throughout development. At a minimum, you want someone who will ensure that contractors are following blueprint designs.

3. How will you handle permits and municipal regulations? 
Understanding the regulations in your neighborhood is critical to designing a home within your budget. City permits are infamous for dragging on for weeks or months. Hiring an architect who knows how to streamline the process will save you time and money. 

4. What do your fees include? 
Know what’s included in your contract with your architect. If anything seems unclear, speak up. Ask if and where any additional fees may crop up in the process. 

5. How do you handle last-minute design changes, material shortages or construction delays? 
Much like a job interview, don’t be afraid to ask your architect “Can you tell me about a time when…” questions to learn how they communicate and problem-solve when things go wrong. 

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Published: June 8, 2019
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