June 8, 2019
Moving High-End Art, Antiques or Collectibles
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Protect Your Art, Antiques and Collectibles

Moving can be a hectic time. Packing up your home requires careful planning. If you own fine art, antiques or collectibles, you need to take additional measures to ensure your belongings get to your new home safely. Here are four things to keep in mind.

Take Inventory 
Know the condition of your belongings before movers handle them. Take detailed photos of your collection so that individual pieces can be clearly identified. If anything is missing after the move, the pictures will help you identify the specific pieces that must be found. For fine art and antiques, take photographs in bright lighting and from multiple angles. Don’t leave any room for guesswork should damage occur during transportation. 

Insure Your Move 
Moving companies are legally required to give basic coverage during transportation, but paying for full-value protection through your insurance agent is wise, especially for items that cannot be easily replaced. Insurance is another reason to take photos of your belongings — before and after images of mishandled valuables are powerful corroboration for reimbursement. 

Ensure Packing Best Practices 
Experienced fine art movers will wear fresh, white gloves when touching paintings, sculptures or antiques. They should provide clean moving blankets and special packaging for custom or delicate items and have a system for labeling and identifying fragile boxes.

Mind the Elements 
Certain antiques and art may deteriorate if exposed to extreme heat or cold for too long. Your movers should have climate-controlled moving trucks for your most sensitive belongings. Even if temperate conditions are not necessary, ensure that fragile belongings are the final pieces loaded into the moving vehicle, and the first pieces unloaded. 

Whether you’re ready to find your next home or need recommendations for local moving companies, get in touch today for help and resources to guide you through the process.

Published: June 8, 2019
Author: wardar
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