June 9, 2019
How to create a cozy home library

How to create a cozy home library

You can learn a lot about someone by spending a few minutes exploring their bookshelves. And maybe showcasing your books is a point of pride for you. Have you considered building a library of your own? 

If so, keep in mind that creating your perfect reading space means more than just storing your books. There are three main elements you should take into consideration for your library: design, comfort and lighting.

1. Design
Do you want bookshelves to line every wall? Maybe you prefer open space for lamps, chairs, ladders and sitting nooks? The design is where you should think about both practical and aesthetic options

Some decisions will come down to necessity: How much shelving space do you need? Others will come down to preference: What color bookshelves? Built-in or freestanding?

Are there other functions to your room? Perhaps your library doubles as a home office, so you want a desk and chair that suit your tastes. 

2. Comfort
Now for the truly important part. You really can’t have a good library without comfortable reading spaces. 

Maybe you like to sprawl out on a couch or take notes at your desk. Or perhaps you enjoy sitting up straight with your feet propped up. The beauty of having your own library is getting to choose how you’re most comfortable. 

3. Lighting
Contribute to the ambiance by opening up sources of natural light. A generous window or skylight allows direct sunlight into the room during the day. But be sure to include several task lamps for nighttime reading.  

Natural lighting also allows for houseplants, which bring a deep sense of calm to an already peaceful library.

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Published: June 9, 2019
Author: wardar
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