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Whether you’re from out of state or here in Southwest Florida,  the quality of your buying experience is our #1 priority.
We recommend an initial buyer’s consultation to discuss your desired goals, and the home-buying process.
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Why would I want to use a Buyer’s Agent?

First of all, can you imagine going to a trial where you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on the line without an attorney representing your case? You would pay the attorney a lot of money to make sure that your interests are properly represented, right? Well, that is exactly what a really good Buyer’s Agent will do for you. But, here is the PARADOX! You get all the expertise of being represented by a top agent, you get all their contract knowledge, market knowledge, negotiation skills, and Extraordinary Customer Care to take care of YOU.

Secondly, the right buyer’s agent knows more than just what the Internet provides! 

Let me share an example with a recent buyer.  This is just one of many examples where the buyer thought they knew everything they needed to make the best decision, but once represented by the Westerfield Group, they soon discovered they would have either purchased the wrong property or that they would have left tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table without the expertise of The Westerfield Group.  It is easy to understand why:  The Westerfield Group is entrenched in the industry on a daily basis 365 days a year!  This buyer had done extensive research on the Internet and felt like he know everything they needed to know about the market.  In fact, they were ready to sign the purchase agreement on a brand new home in Naples! As I was talking to him, he indicated this would be a stepping stone and would last them a few years and then would purchase what they REALLY WANTED.  As I discussed what they really wanted, I told him I could get that for him for only a few bucks more than his “interim” home.  He said there was ‘no way”!  Well, long story short, he did not know that a particular builder had huge incentives due to their fiscal year end!  I did know what that builder was offering.  Once I showed my buyer what he could get, again, he was amazed and bought the home that very day!  He saved nearly $100,000 on this home, got so much more than he was going to get, and saved him from the hassle of having to sell the home they were going to buy and move in just a few years!  Needless to say, he was so grateful and said he would never buy anything again or have any of his friends ever buy anything without coming to The Westerfield Group!  This is just one of hundreds of clients who would vouch for the same type of expertise and the same kind of gratitude for what The Westerfield Group did for them.  We invite you to enjoy the same level of expertise and extraordinary customer care that all of these clients have.

Thirdly, FIVE STAR PROFESSIONALS helps you rate the BEST REALTORS IN SW Florida to ensure your extraordinary satisfaction!



We would like to give you as much knowledge of areas, communities, HOA fees, amenities, homes, schools, and much more so you can start to narrow down your options of selecting the perfect home for you. That is why we have provided searches that allow you to learn about each community, find a community that best serves your desires by the amenities you want, and then provide an extensive search ability by mapping the area you want.


In today’s fast-paced market, it is vital that buyers be ready with full bank pre-qualification or proof of cash funds when writing an offer.

Email us for a list of our preferred lenders or questions about the pre-qualification process.

Need to sell a home out of state? We can help! The Westerfield Group has a vast referral network and we will hand-pick an agent for you so you don’t have to do the research. Fill out our referral form here.



Not only does The Westerfield Group have the Market Knowledge to guide our clients the best, but we also have the expertise to ensure we do not compromise a deal by asking for too much and cause a seller to walk away from the home of your dreams, but we also do not want to leave a dollar on the table for our buyers. We have the skills to negotiate the best deal for our clients, as illustrated with the CNE Certification. The CNE Certification is achieved by less that 1% of all agents in the United States. It stands for Certified Negotiation Expert. Our clients deeply appreciate that we use very sophisticated techniques in negotiating the best deal for our clients. In fact, many have said, we are so glad you are on our side, not the other side!


With over 15,000 Real Estate Agents in SW Florida, how do you know who to choose?

The real estate purchasing process can be one of the most frustrating or can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life.  After all, you are making one of the largest investments you will make in your life, right?

The good news is there is an independent research company that assists buyers in finding the best real estate agents in SW Florida.  They are called FIVE STAR PROFESSIONALS.  Their purpose is to vet out all the agents who either have negative reports reported to the Department of Business Regulations, or who are just part time real estate agents or brand new agents who do not have the experience and expertise to ensure the buyer is properly represented and protected.  In fact, they weed through all the real estate agents

(Yes, over 15,000 real estate agents), and find the top approximately 200 real estate agents in all of SW Florida and publish them in Gulfshore Life magazine every May.  These are not necessarily the highest producers in the industry, because quite frankly some of the highest producers do not have the personal care to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.  These agents that are in the top 200 are agents who have earned a FIVE STAR rating by their clients they have served the previous year for performing exemplary customer service and providing extraordinary customer service.  That is the kind of realtor you would want, right?

Jim Westerfield (and his team), has earned the FIVE STAR PROFESSIONAL award for 8 years now, an honor that places him and his team at the top 1% of the top 1% of all real estate agents in SW Florida for extraordinary customer satisfaction.  This only comes with the highest level of integrity, market knowledge, negotiation skills, contract knowledge, and truly caring to ensure that each client is represented in the client’s best interests!