Selling a home today is NOT the same as it “USED” to be!

Learn why below or Contact Us to Schedule a Free Appointment and learn how our decades of modern marketing experience sets us apart from all the rest.

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Selling Strategies
Within the book, there are home-selling strategies used by top agents in the field. These are proven to help you get the most money possible in the shortest amount of time with your home.

Marketing Approaches
This book shows you how to get the right buyers to see your listing, that way you’re able to get it sold.

Negotiation Mistakes
The make-or-break real estate deals are all based on negotiations. Through this book, you’ll learn how to effectively negotiate your home sale while avoiding costly mistakes.

Pricing Tips
You’ll learn techniques for effective and accurate home pricing while also discovering pricing mistakes to avoid. This includes over- and under-valuing your home.

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Why it Didn’t Sell
You’ve probably been told your home didn’t sell because it was overpriced, but there are many factors that can determine whether or not your home sells.

How to Set Price
You’ll learn techniques for accurate and effective home pricing and discover pricing mistakes to avoid, including over- and under-valuing your home.

Marketing Approaches
This book features top-notch marketing techniques to get the most buyers in your door and the highest possible sale price for your listing.

Why an Agent Matters
Not all real estate agents are created equal. No matter who you choose to work with, you need to find an agent who can get your home sold.

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iFiND™ – How Homes Sell Today

Real estate is not the same as it used to be! It used to be that just putting out a “FOR SALE” sign, sending postcards to the neighborhood and doing an open house was enough to sell a home. Then, the Internet age came and agents would put the listing in the MLS to auto populate hundreds of search engines. But, in today’s world, just putting the listing in the MLS is NOT enough for selling a home! These marketing methods are sometimes effective, yet, so many real estate agents still try to sell homes this way as their primary method.

Mass marketing, whether via website search engines or even print publications are trying to expose your home with the HOPE that someone sees it and translates it into the perfect home for them to buy. We have developed a very unique marketing system that takes the HOPE out of the equation. We actually FIND the right buyers through sophisticated technology and present your home in the uniqueness it deserves. Many of our clients who are learning about the iFiND™ system are saying it is the most ingenious marketing system they have ever seen for the real estate industry.

The Westerfield Group’s Marketing Team is different and effective. The results prove it.


Whether you are in another city, state, or country, our technology brings everything to you.  You can even close on your home without even stepping out or the need to leave your house.

We know you’re busy, and that’s why your transactions are managed with a custom set of technologies for creating documents, signing contracts and sharing checklists. With your computer or smartphone, you have all you need for the sale of your home. Relax and let our technology work for you.

Prefer the more traditional approach? We can also provide first-class customized service including couriers, fax and in-person document signing.

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How much is your home worth?
While there are some programs out there that will provide you an instant estimate, these fail to take real life factors into consideration.  Zillow has it’s “Zestimate” which can be off in either direction by as much as 20%.  We used to run our own instant software as well and found that raw data alone isn’t enough, as it doesn’t take into account all the nuances, upgrades and uniqueness of your home.
The Westerfield Group now offers a FREE Full-Service  Property Valuation.
Simply complete our form and a specialist from our team will be right on it.  Expect a brief call to gather any pertinent information.  After which you will receive an exhaustive comprehensive Property Evaluation.


If you have ever sold a home before, you were probably constantly asking questions like:

  • how is it performing
  • who is looking at it
  • how is it standing up in the market from the shifting landscape that can change sometimes week to week.

Our exclusive Property Performance & Market Report sent to you weekly answers all those questions.  This tool alone from the Westerfield Group has helped many get the very most for their house and in the quickest amount of time.

Don’t put your house on the market and blindly wait and wonder.  Our data aggregated reports are a key success factor for all homes and condos and a must-have for luxury real estate.

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The Westerfield Group is a full service team of elite professionals.

We believe in immaculate presentation; which is why we team up with the best interior designers for our listings. We are not talking about a major amount to enhance your home, but we can assure you that a little investment made up front can make a world of difference to the buyers!  Many of our clients spend as little as $800 to spruce their home up to ensure it shows like a Million dollars more!

The initial impression is crucial to the buyer falling in love with your home.  It is that initial emotion of “Ahhh or WOW” that sets your home apart.  Every time a buyer has to “imagine” what the home might look like with renovations, they start to deduct that from the price of the home.  We work with you to determine what needs to happen to get the most amount for your home with the least investment, if needed at all.